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Bill Moyers

Thomas Frank

Young Turks "TYT Live" TV Show (6pm-8pm ET each night)

Stephanie Miller Radio Show (9am-12pm ET weekdays)

Tropical Storm Watch

HuffPost Live

Metro Newspaper Editions Online

Philadelphia Daily News

Tampa Bay Times


Just Labradors

Play Guitar Solos

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

MIT Course on Book "Gödel, Escher, Bach"

Whatever Became of Philadelphia Radio WIOQ's "Harvey In the Morning" DJ John Harvey?

American Folk Sayings

Reverse Phone Lookup

Banksy in New York 2013

If you buy one business management book this year, make it this one!: "I'm Sorry That I Broke Your Company"

Round Eyeglasses

More Round Eyeglasses (London-made)

Wawa Florida

Ever wonder what the pair of microphones are that the President always uses?

Be a Civil War Re-enacter for Halloween!

Girls Who Code

Best Russian Rock Band "Bravo" with Fabulous Lead Singer Jeanne Aguzarova 1986 (watch clip at 52:20 for hit song "I Believe")

Bravo Today (w/o Jeanne Aguzarova)

How to Tie, Scarves and Neckerchiefs

Elizabeth Warren for President 2016 Gear

Life Expectancy at Age 65

World Baseball Classic 2013 Gear

Custom Wall Plates

Guide to Writing Test Items

"I, too, am an Epicurean." - Thomas Jefferson

More on Epicurus

Simpson Voice Actors on Inside the Actors Studio

RCA Victor-Victrola Restoration

Make Your Own "Magic Eye" 3-d Picture

Make Your Own Passport Photo

Great book!

Another great book by the same author!

Yet another of my favorite books

Another good book

Essay: Quitting the Paint Factory

Your guide to business management theory: "If God were process-oriented ..." 

Pocket Watch Central
Illinois Brand Pocket Watch Serial Numbers

Quick Random Number Generator

Stephanie Miller Radio Show Sound Effects Downloads
More Free Sound Effects
Free Stock Photos

Beaver College Vintage Gear

Draft Beer Faucets
Draft Beer FAQs

Suzi Quatro Website   

Go veggie!

Go veggie in style!

Vegetarian Fake Tunafish

Desk Grommets


One of my all time favorite singers, Blossom Dearie.

More Blossom Dearie

Craig's List Tampa 

Colbert Nation

Guitar & Recording Magazines:

Sound On Sound Magazine

SOS Podcasts

Recording Magazine

TapeOp Magazine

Vintage Guitar Magazine

Electronic Musician Magazine

Mix Magazine

MusicTech Magazine

Computer Music Magizine Samples Download

All Things Beatle:

Great Book on Sound Engineering and the Beatles!

Everything You Can Possibly Know About the Beatles' Guitars

Place that sells (and makes) reproductions of Beatle-era musical equipment

Place that sells reproductions of Beatles clothing

John Lennon's high school band gets together 50 years later and releases a CD of songs that they used to play.

Harmonica on Beatles Songs

Musical Instruments & Repair:

OMG! Somebody's finally manufacturing real sticky pads for Hohner Pianet keys again.

Video of Ken Rich sticky pads for Pianets in action

Rickenbacker Parts

Custom-made Pick Guards

How to make the DIY sticky pads for Pianet

Nitrocellulose Spray Paint for Electric Guitars

Electric piano/organ restoration and parts

Guitar Wiring Diagrams -- Any Configuration

Mojotone Guitar Repair Tutorials

Build Your Own Strat/Tele

Les Paul Guitar Wiring Diagrams

Stewart Macdonald Guitar Parts

Weber Alnico Speakers

Tru-Arc Bridges (custom USA-machined)

Balalaikas and Parts

Rickenbacker 325 Page

New Acoustic Control Corp. Amplifiers

Build Your Own Guitar Pedals

Play a Chrometta!

Replacement Harmonica Combs

Synth School


Green/Blue Screens

Free Kontact Samples & Sample Player

Tweak's Guide to Recording Success

Your Guide to Home Recording

Free Video Animation Software

The Incredibly Amazing Fairchild Limiter

Electronic Copyright Office

Copyright Law

Les Paul Recording Guitar History

Software & Development:

Open Directory Project

Open Source Psychometric Software

Motorola Android Development

Galaxy Note 2 Development

More Galaxy Note 2 Development

Planet PDF programming tutorials

The Omega Project

Source Forge Open Source Downloads

Icon Creator


Hernando County Goverment Meeting Portal