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MAY 2016

3 dogs


Lady (left) and Lucy (right) on break from training school. Two weeks earlier, this shot would have been unimaginable. They used to fight constantly. Talon, a 6-year old male German Shepherd at the school, convinced them that fighting wasn't cool.

training - group

Lady sees her mom again for the first time in two weeks. Aww!        Lucy, as goofy as ever. Did you bring me some toys, huh?

trainer - lady   trainer - lucy

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JULY 2015

Lucy (left) and Lady (right) on the puppy farm.

Lady has hazel eyes. We're already calling her "Lady Hazel."

LadyLucyFirstPicDog Tags

Toozie was 11 years old on October 23. As matriarch, she'll be teaching the pups to behave and swim.
Toozie Swimming